19 gastronomic, culinary and gastronomic magazines to present

When enjoying a meal, do you dream of the words you would use to describe it? Are you salivating at the thought of writing about food for a living? If so, why not try your hand at writing for food magazines?

Below is a list of publications that accept all kinds of food stories, from recipes to pieces examining the sustainability of certain practices, to articles exploring the junction of food and travel. We tell you a bit about the medium, as well as how you might try to reach a publisher there.

Culinary publications and cooking magazines to present

While we’re focusing on cooking magazines and cooking magazines here, here’s a tip: don’t limit yourself strictly to publications that only cover food.

Many other publications, ranging from Trip at regional magazines, include a section on food or catering, so keep an open mind when trying to publish stories about the culinary world.

If you want to explore food writing jobs, try suggesting editors to these publications.

1. Enjoy your meal

Bon Appetit is a well-known food magazine, and they also publish regularly online. While they rely on in-house editors for recipes and cooking tips, and do not feature reviews of traditional restaurants, they are open to independent, fun, and passionate arguments for reported features, trending stories, personal essays and opinion pieces.

To introduce BonAppetit.com, send a recap paragraph, suggested title and clips to [email protected]. We recommend that you pay special attention to the pitch guide Bon Appetit provides online. Prices start at $ 250 for restaurant newspapers, highly recommended and other short stories of 300 to 500 words.

2. Catalyst

Catalyst Magazine, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, focuses on a wide variety of lifestyle topics including organic food, gardening / food safety and more.

Send your request, along with a CV and extracts, to Greta deJong. And be warned: if your article is accepted, you will need to write it according to specifications. It could be worth it though! You can find the complete submission guidelines online.


An online magazine with today’s home cook in mind, TASTE searches for a wide variety of independent material including original recipes with a clear point of view as well as reported stories, cooking tips. at home and more.

Send your email with the pitch text pasted in the body – no attachments! – at Anna hezel and Matt Rodbard. Find all the pitching details in their pitch guide.

4. Disney Food Blog

If the one thing you love more than food is everything Disney-related, this blog might be the place to show off your skills. Focusing primarily on dining and drinking options around Orlando’s Walt Disney World, Disney Food Blog (DFB) hosts original articles and photos covering the ever-changing world of Disney cuisine.

And while that might not seem like a paid opportunity, the editors will allow you to thread a link in your signature.

For more details, see guidelines for guest blog posts.

5. Eat well

“Ingredients for the good life” is the motto of this national food magazine dedicated to healthy eating. Articles focus on cooking, nutritional science, culture, food origins and traditions, and even social issues with food webs.

This market pays up to $ 1 per word, and starting with the short sections at the beginning of the book is the best way to break into. Read more in the magazine Instructions to Editors.

6. Edible communities

The Edible franchise offers food-related publications in cities and regions across the country and beyond, from Edible Brooklyn to Edible Northeast Florida to Edible Vancouver. Each post has different submission requirements and pay rates, so be sure to click on the individual post you’re interested in for more details.

For example, Edible Seattle relies on freelance writers and encourages pitches for a number of its magazine sections, from feature films and recipes to chef profiles. The salary generally ranges from 20 to 30 cents per word.

7. Epicure and culture

“Food, wine and culture for the ethical traveler” is the slogan of this online publication. Recent food items include Explore the culture of Parsi cafes in Mumbai, India and Eat vegan in Austin, Texas.The submission page notes Contributors receive a link to their website, promotion on social media, and the ability to cross-promote through other media. However, payment information is not published, so be sure to coordinate with the publisher directly.

8. Eater

A national magazine that focuses on reporting and critically reviewing all things food and drink, Eater actively seeks arguments from external contributors and pays a competitive rate. (Who pays writers reports an average of about 37 cents per word, with some authors having seen rates as high as 67 cents.)

Make sure you read along submission guidelines in its entirety before querying the magazine, and be doubly sure not to present anything from the magazine do not looking… especially since they specifically specify it.

9. Kashrus Magazine

Kosher food is the focus of this magazine covering everything from preparing for Jewish holidays to new kosher products and even kosher marijuana.

You can contact an editor at [email protected].

ten. Kitchn

This daily web magazine sees an audience of over 17 million people, so it’s an understatement to say it would be pretty cool to feature among its colorful and clever posts. And while most of the writing is done by a small, regular team of freelancers, they do. accept cooking projects and recipe links from food bloggers – and hire freelancers every now and then, so keep an eye out for them Jobs.

11. Menuism

A blog devoted to the culinary education of foodies, Menuism seeks guest articles from food bloggers able to create strong, original and engaging content on food, cocktails and wine.

To introduce, send a short paragraph and suggested title to [email protected], and be sure to paste them in the body of the email rather than adding attachments. For full details, see the writer’s instructions.

12. Food52

With recent articles spanning the gamut from chewy cinnamon buns to chicken in a skillet with dried beans, Food52 makes food accessible, fun, and compelling – and if you have a story idea that might match its mission. , you can contact the editors. at [email protected].

Click here for complete submission guidelines.

13. Flavor

Flavor covers the junction of food and travel, with everything from recipes and cooking tips to features on specific ingredients and cookbooks.

AT submit ideas, email editors at [email protected] with a summary of the article you want to write, as well as information on how you want to put the article together, such as who you want to interview and what angle you take.

14. Extra Crispy

“Why is anyone in the world eating anything other than breakfast?”

If you were okay with Ron Swanson on this particular episode of Parks & Rec, Extra Crispy might be the perfect place for your food writing. This breakfast-focused blog posts opinion pieces, serious stories, humor and more, and is actively open to arguments from outside contributors.

Check submission guidelines for more details.

15. Whole life

This bi-monthly magazine relies on freelancers to fill its pages and focuses on holistic and integrative health stories, organic food, sustainability and other topics related to a healthy and progressive lifestyle. Prices vary and can go up to $ 150 for an 800-1,000 word feature, with shorter departments paying less.

Check editors’ guidelines for more information.

16. YAM Magazine

Greater Victoria, Canada is at the center of this lifestyle magazine that covers food and wine, health and fitness, culture and more.

It should be noted that the post delivery time is three to four months, so you will be careful to feature topics that are timely and revealing.

Complete submission guidelines, including the most up-to-date point of contact, are available via PDF.

17. Healthy

Healthyish, a brand of Bon Appetit, is a dedicated website delicious healthy food. It publishes its signature quarterly recipes and editorial kits as well as “conversational and passionate articles that cover the many intersections of food, wellness and culture today.”

Salary starts at $ 300 (although shorter columns cost $ 100) and increases based on your experience and the depth of the room. If you are interested in the pitch, be sure to read the guidelines first.

18. Good + Good

The mission behind this post is simple: “To decode and demystify what it means to live a good life inside and out.” Recent food and nutrition stories cover a variety of topics, from a high-protein baked oat recipe to a cheap ice coffee maker recommendation to paleo breakfast ideas.

If you would like to contribute, consult the launch guidelines, where you’ll find more information on the types of food stories they’re looking for and where to email your pitch.

19. Paleo Magazine

Paleo Magazine covers all things “modern primitive life”. In addition to original recipe contributions, it’s also open to content contributors who love “the Paleo lifestyle and can offer a new twist and provide actionable insights to our readers.”

You can send samples of your work to [email protected], and find additional details online.

Writers, what are your favorite food publications to work with? Tell us in the comments below.

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