Enter B2B Marketing Copywriting and Ditch Content Factories

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Are you tired of fighting your way to burnout by writing $ 8 and $ 15 articles at content factories?

There is a better way to start a business as a freelance writer. The breakthrough in B2B writing allows you to tap into an incredibly valuable form of content development, one that marketers spend as much as $ 5.2 billion each year.

If you are a naturally talented writer with a healthy curiosity about how businesses work, you can embark on stable and profitable assignments. more than $ 1 per word.

Here is some general information about B2B writing and what it takes to be successful in this lucrative writing field.

What is B2B writing?

B2B writing is synonymous with business-to-business writing. This is the flip side with B2C writing or business-to-business writing. In B2C writing, you help a business sell products to consumers like you and me. In B2B writing, you help a business sell products to other businesses.

Think of it this way: in B2C writing, you write ad copy and emails to sell the cute holiday sweater in an e-commerce store or the delicious pineapple in the grocery store.

In B2B writing, you help the ecommerce store choose the right platform to sell sweaters, and you help pineapple growers understand the best shipping and logistics software to get their pineapples to the right store at the right. moment.

Your job as a B2B writer is to write blog posts, white papers, case studies, infographics and more to help these companies convey their value to their customers – who happen to be others. companies.

Why B2B writing is worth it

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s Benchmarks, budgets and trends for 2021 survey, businesses need content.

Ninety-three percent of organizations engage in content marketing for their business, but they often face obstacles in meeting demand. It means there is a huge built-in marketplace for writers who know how to talk about business issues and sell products and services to other businesses.

These customers already know they need your services and they already know that your services are worth the cost. They just need to meet you and be sold on the fact that you are the right writer for them.

Skills you need to be successful in B2B writing

You know the market exists, so how do you know you’ll enjoy the work? Here are three skills you will need to be successful or desirable as a B2B writer:

  1. Writing talent: You know how to put words together into convincing, well-received sentences. You know how to clearly convey the meaning of readable and accessible online content.
  2. Business awareness: You understand that companies invest in products and services to make more money and then reinvest that money in their products and services. You know how customer service, marketing, leadership, and sales work together to keep a business afloat (and if you run your own business, you certainly know that!)
  3. Digital research warned: You know how to search online to uncover interesting statistics and quickly understand the jargon businesses use for their products and services. You have a basic knowledge of SEO keywords and writing for search engines to help businesses get traffic online.

If you are not strong in any of these three areas, this is where you can fine tune your training to develop your skills and become a great B2B writer.

How B2B writing is different

Writing for a B2B audience is a topic that could be a full course. But you can get started in this area by understanding a few simple principles.

First, understand that the B2B audience is made up of people who represent a business. While for B2C writing, you are writing to an individual who is making choices for themselves, when you write for a B2B audience, you write for an individual who is making choices for their workplace. He will have to justify this purchase to his boss or his boss’s boss, and he will want to know all the technical details in advance.

Second, know that the B2B audience values ​​statistics and information on the return on investment (ROI) that comes from the products or services being advertised. Basically, they want to know that spending $ 1,000 on the product you are advertising will bring the business $ 2,000 or $ 5,000 in additional revenue. Any investment must provide a return.

Finally, B2B audiences receive information in the marketing age in different ways. B2B copywriting can take the form of blog posts and articles on a company’s website, or articles via a high traffic post like Forbes or Inc.

The B2B audience may also need to receive content in the form of press releases, white papers, and case studies, each with their own format, best practices, and pricing.

If it seems like B2B writing might be right for you, don’t waste a minute writing to low paying content mills.

Take a more in-depth look at companies that could benefit from your writing specialty, and write a few examples with these principles in mind.

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