How I Earned $ 43,297.99 Blogging in September 2020 (Blog Revenue Report)

September has been another very successful month for my blog and the third in terms of revenue generated for this year, for which I am very grateful as I celebrate my birthday (yesterday 🎉). The income came to $ 43,297.99 and I brought in 255,427 readers – with 316,888 unique sessions.

Now, digging into the numbers for September … blogging revenue has remained at a sustained level, again sitting well above my forecast range thanks to the increase in affiliate commissions from my guide on creating a blog and another month of regular registrations for my full blogging course, Designed for Blogging: How to Get Your First 10,000 Readers & Earn Six-Figure Blogs (registrations are still open if you want to join us 👋).

Overall, I generated $ 43,297.99 in blog revenue in September 2020.

Business expenses remained low, as I kept my freelance writers as many articles as they wanted to take throughout the month, so my content pipeline remains stocked for the next several months. September’s profit reached $ 39,505.03.

The forecasts ☀️: For October, I expect blogging revenue to drop temporarily from the highs I’ve seen in recent months (due to some short-term volatility in search rankings), falling somewhere in the range of $ 32,000 – $ 38,000. Revenue is expected to fluctuate within this general range over the next few months before increasing again as I continue to enjoy a relatively steady rebound in traffic and spend more time updating my existing content library. My business-related expenses will also remain stable at a lower level as I will devote more time to supporting important causes and organizations close to my heart.

Now on to the details of my September blog income report …

Blog revenue in September 2020: $ 43,297.99

In these monthly reports, I keep track of my total income each month, including each individual source of that income and the expenses associated with running my business. It’s the good one and the bad.

Next, I break down the traffic to my blog, which has a big impact on my income, including what works best and how I work to achieve it. more readers. I also cover the number of email subscribers I am following, the number of new subscribers acquired during the month and what this growth trajectory looks like.

Finally, I cover updates on all of the other side projects I’m working on during the month.

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Now let’s do this.

Blog revenue breakdown for September 2020

Independent clients and sponsorships

$ 43,597.91

$ 23,615.00
$ 221.00
0.00 USD
$ 11,428.60
$ 500.00
0.00 USD
$ 42.74
$ 250.00
$ 17.40
$ 141.00
$ 130.26
$ 1,141.63
$ 58.00
$ 484.92
$ 318.00
$ 103.80
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
$ 330.72
0.00 USD
$ 179.06
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
$ 71.07
$ 109.71
0.00 USD
$ 206.39
$ 5.00
$ 13.85
0.00 USD
0.00 USD

Distribution of expenses

$ 461.82

$ 300.00
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
$ 101.83
$ 9.99
0.00 USD

$ 539.90

0.00 USD
$ 99.00
0.00 USD
$ 52.99
$ 10.00
0.00 USD
$ 14.99
0.00 USD
0.00 USD
$ 62.92
0.00 USD

Professional services

Freelance writers
Technical consultant
WordPress development
Rev (YouTube transcripts)
Business insurance

$ 2,387.25

$ 1,150.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 150.00
0.00 USD
$ 87.25

Travel, office supplies and miscellaneous

AT&T Service Plan (iPhone)
Internet (Comcast)
Amazon (Office supplies)
Health insurance
Transaction and processing fees

$ 703.99

$ 116.08
$ 89.91
$ 74.37
$ 413.63
$ 10.00

Breakdown of net profit

Now let’s move on to my blog and email stats for September.

2. Blog statistics for September 2020: 316,888 sessions and 151,384 total email subscribers

September ryrob Blog Revenue Report (Google Analytics screenshot)

September saw one of my biggest month-over-month traffic drops in years, mostly due to increased volatility in my key organic search positions (fueled by algorithm updates Google and some technical issues that needed to be resolved with my site). As a result, traffic has hovered to a much lower level than usual, but has already started to rebound. This isn’t something that worries me too much, as a little volatility has always been the norm for me, but I continue to work on cleaning up some technical improvements – which I mostly rely on. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Tool for actionable insights.

As you already know, I’m the first to tell you that blogging is a long game … and I’m still investing more than ever in impactful content that will lead to strong future performance around more profitable topics (with less dependency with regard to traffic to a small number of articles).

I was down 20.37% in sessions compared to September as I took a pretty decent shot. Pages viewed also decreased by 19.38%.

The good news is that my traffic (as of this writing) has already started to rebound in a big way. That being said, my blog was down 35.27% in traffic year on year compared to September 2019, which was a very strong month that year. Thankfully, my most frequently read posts are already back driving healthy organic search traffic – and some of my newer top content (most under a year old) is climbing the rankings again. organic research. I am in a positive position given my key priorities and focus on increasing revenue from existing traffic throughout this year.

Here are my 15 most circulated articles in September, listed in descending order of those that attracted the most readers:

In the end, September saw one of the biggest traffic drops I’ve seen in years … the seasonality given suggests that September is generally a slightly declining month, and 2020 has been a wild card for everyone. world. Still, I have been working hard to correct the course over the past few weeks with some technical tweaks, constantly posting new content and continuing to update my existing articles.

That being said, much of this short-term volatility comes from frequent updates to search algorithms and is not entirely under my control, but I am adjusting to interpret what the search engines suggest they are. try to reward the most. Readers of my 25,000+ word guide, How to Start a Blog and Make Money, have remained fairly stable, thankfully – which still holds organic search rankings for competitive terms like how to start a blog, how to blog and things like that. As usual, when more readers land on this guide… others join my free course, How to Blog in 7 Days and they have the opportunity to join my more comprehensive paid course Designed for blog course that will help them further improve their blogging skills.

Also in September, I posted three new long articles for my growing blogging audience:

Another consistent theme – the majority of my time spent on content these days (as my article library grows to over 290 pieces) is still in the process of updating and expanding my guides on one. ongoing basis to keep them relevant, fresh and highly actionable. Long-lasting new content comes second, and I always post at least a few new articles every month. My plan is to continue posting more in-depth, highly actionable content specifically for bloggers this month, and move forward into the future.

All with the mission continues to signal to Google (and other search engines) that my blog’s niche is clearly focused on the topic of blogging and I expect this intense focus to continue to provide more readers looking for tactical blogging advice for the long haul … and I often need to remind myself that this is about an investment for the long game 💪

2. Email subscribers

September ryrob Blog Revenue Report (ConvertKit Subscriber Screenshot)

I used ConvertKit to manage my community of email subscribers and deliver my emails for several years now and I love the product.

September saw the addition of 2644 followers to my community with my growing total mailing list 151384 followers.

This was a pretty big drop in email subscriber growth from August, my biggest in several years actually. In large part, this was due to the fact that a few key posts generated less traffic than they had received in the previous months (due to the numerous updates to Google’s algorithm, which caused fluctuations in the organic traffic), so the new subscriber growth has again taken on what looks like it’s going to be just a short-term decline.

As in previous months, most of my new email subscribers come from the influx of blogging-related content and free downloads I have on my site (like my blog business plan, blog posts). blog, my outreach email templates, and my blog post templates). my ultimate goal is to stay focused as this is the niche I’m working on for years to come.

A significant portion of my new subscriber growth continues to be fueled by my free course, Create a Blog in 7 Days, which is well optimized for affiliate revenue and for offering my more advanced paid course (Designed for blog) for those looking to get more help growing their blogs.

So much for my September Blog Income Report

With all the wildfires in California, plus record-breaking hot temperatures, a global pandemic and all that this year has to offer … I really embrace my freedom to work a little less now and focusing on myself – it’s a welcome change in mindset that I really enjoyed.

As we saw at the start of this report, I expect blog revenue to drop a bit in October, landing between $ 32,000 – $ 38,000 as I experience continuous fluctuations in affiliate payments which are closely related to the ups and downs in traffic that I have seen throughout the summer. My main focus remains on posting more in-depth blog content that will pay off in the months and years to come. It’s the long game.

If you’re looking for some additional reading to help you grow your own blog, I always update my Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Profitable Blog. here that I would like you to read 😊

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